Screencasts:  January - June 

April 6th 
  1.   If you are running short on time and can't listen, please access our strategic planning resources on our website, which include a schedule of meetings and a link to the survey that will be used in connection with our focus group sessions. Here are direct links to each:
    Schedule of Meetings 
    Survey (complete after attending a focus group if possible) 
March 21st 
Pathway Summer Schedule - Summary of Points Discussed. 

1.    If you don't work in or want to know about the LESA Pathway summer schedule you don't need to read any further. :) 
  2.    The annual calendar for qualifying center based programs will be 200 days, beginning July 1st of every year. We intend to operate with this same calendar in future years as well. 

The length of the day will be the same for both the students and the staff on each of the days. The number of days in the summer will increase from 15 to 20. The combination of which will increase student instructional time during the summer by 75%! 
  4.  Input was received from staff and parents about the calendar. A copy of my letter to parents is attached. 

Assignments for the summer of 2017 will be posted/bid as noted in the LIPSA and AFSCME Agreements. There is already language in the LIPSA Agreement regarding how assignments for the summer of 2018 will be made, but I intend to ask LIPSA to re-consider the language in the current Agreement to make it less restrictive. We will negotiate a new AFSCME Agreement this spring that will begin on July 1st that will govern how assignments for the summer of 2018 will be made. 
March 20th
Project Unify (0:30)  
  2.  21st Century Education Commission Report (keep in mind that the students entering our schools now will likely see the 22nd Century!) (1:45) 
  3.  Lacey's Love Dog Biscuits - 2017 Education Excellence Award Recipient! (3:45) 
  4.  Emergency Team Training at the Agency's Main Campus (5:45) 
  5.  Extra Board Meetings - March 22nd (Strategic Planning) & March 29th (Budget) (6:50)    
March 7th
  1.  Excited about spring!   
      First day of spring - Monday, March 20th 
      Daylight Savings Time - Sunday, March 12th at 2am 
  2.  Parent Meetings at Pathway (0:55) 
  3.  Board/Superintendent Goals (1:32) 
       Strategic Planning - June
    Adult Literacy - June 
    Alternative Education - November 
4.  School Calendar & Opening Day for 2017-2018 (3:30) 
  Tentative date for opening day: August 28, 2017 (My apology - I used the 26th in my update and that is incorrect) 
  Pre-Labor Day Start Waiver (Please listen to remarks regarding this.) 
  5.  MASB Education Excellence Award (5:25) 
      Lacey's Love Dog Biscuit Company 
February 8th 
  1.  Summer Payroll Dates Reminder: The last paycheck of 2016-17 is June 16th and the first paycheck of 2017-2018 is July 7th, which is a 3-week period of time. 
  2.  Jane Burke Memorial - Planning Committee  Google Doc Signup 
  3.  Agency Garage Sale - Next Week! 
As we prepare to demolish the wood buildings on our main campus there are some surplus items (desks, chairs, file cabinets, white boards, etc.) that will be for sale. We have not set prices on items but will instead be considering offers. We hope to see everything find a new home so I anticipate our staff operating the sale will be motivated to accept your offers :)The sale will occur next week beginning Tuesday the 14th and will end on Thursday the 16th between the hours of 6:30am and 2pm as well as between 4pm and 6:30pm. Everything purchased must be picked up by Friday the 17th. 
  4.  DeVos Statement Released to Media on February 8th: 
    From my viewpoint, the schools in Livingston County provide an outstanding educational experience for all students regardless of their abilities or background. The administrators, teachers, and support staff across the county are highly qualified and dedicated educators who work hard every day to best meet the needs of all students. Although there are a variety of opinions being circulated regarding the recent appointment of Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education, the county superintendents and I remain focused on supporting our schools and the needs of our students. We are excited that the new administration and Secretary of Education have stated they support more local control in regards to education, which will allow us to better tailor instruction and curriculum to meet the needs of each student. Our efforts to advocate for equal educational opportunity with our local, state and federal government will undoubtedly continue. 

R. Michael Hubert, Superintendent
Livingston Educational Service Agency   
January 18th 
  1.  AdvancED